Me and Mine

Life, Family and Ancestors


Work In Process

Me and Mine

Me and Mine is the book I'm working on about my life and my family. My family had some idiosyncrasies, which affected my life considerably. In later years I have come to understand some things, which were mysteries to me as a child. Through research, I've even gone back several generations looking for the roots of some of those mysteries.

I'm not quite sure if this will be a memoir with a bit of family history in it or two separate books. But I hope to find that out by trying to write it and seeing where it takes me.

Self-Published Books

Over the past 10 years or so, my wife Phyllis has authored several books. These self-published books were distributed to our family and friends. I helped with editing, formatting and printing, learning quite a lot in the process.

You may click on each book title for more info or to download any of the books.


In 2008 my wife Phyllis was told she had Alzheimer's Disease. She lived with that for five years, with symptoms continuing but not worsening substantially. A new neurologist finally ordered more extensive tests, which resulted in the removal of her diagnosis. During that time, fearing that her memories would be lost, she started writing about her life. Her memoir, Journeys, was completed in 2015.

Sylvia and Family

A few years before her death, my mother-in-law Sylvia had a fall. She was hospitalized, underwent an operation and woke up very much disoriented due to medications. For a time she had difficulty recognizing the people who came to visit her. Sylvia and Family was created in a single day to help her remember.

Foxy Lady

Foxy Lady : 100 Years of Joy and Love With Sylvia Fox Namm is a collection of short essays, memories and tributes written by family members for Sylvia's 100th birthday.